Abandoned (Dad Who?)

After nine months in and nine months out
You stole away a coward without a shout
A mother of forty a son in her arms
When you left that day you stole all their charms
Going to work now I will be back tonight
When the door slammed shut you took off in flight
Abandoned alone in a cold water flat
She knew in her heart you wouldn’t be back


© 2015 Michael Yost 06/21

3 responses to “Abandoned (Dad Who?)

  1. Did it happen this way? Or am I intruding?


  2. Happened just that way. If I put a strange post it’s probably true. He died 2 years ago from clots in his legs did him in. I’ve already Had one leg patched up. Probably next year for the other one. I’ve come to terms with what he did. While in Therapy for other things, we played around with it. Now he’s just an asshole. –smile–


  3. Everyone I knew when I was a kid was a child of divorce or even worse…My best friend in high school had never even met his father…I’ve known so many different versions of this story, yet each one has its own small tragedy of nuance to it that makes it unique…I daresay I will always be moved by them…


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