Who can fill me in on self publishing vs finding a publisher?  I’m finding that this can be overwhelming.… Thanks in advance for your information and support.

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  1. Check out Tor/Forge. They let authors submit without an agent.

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  2. Winter Goose Publishing perhaps? They are in California. I got “in” right away.

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  3. Xulon has been courting me. It’s a Christian self publisher. Thanks for the info. I’ll look at Winter Goose. Thanks.

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  4. Be careful before sending any monies. I sent about $600 along with a contract and my manuscripts and was never published. They never returned my messages. by that time it was to too late to even file against them. So instead I just tell everyone. Word of mouth bad advertising. Xlibris publishing is a rip off. Buyer beware.


  5. OK thanks for the info.


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