Monthly Archives: December 2015

Water Coloring Artist

Who’s selling her water coloring’s for 25 dollars??? Lost my notes.. I’m looking to purchase

Tasting Music

They met last month at a U2 concert
Then three shy dates introverting
Both codependants fear of being hurt
Hopes that the other would assert

Their taste in music opened new hope
In unique and sealed envelopes
Invitations stopped plans to elope
Dad watches them through his telescope

Her backyard swings gave hours of pleasure
With limits placed by Dad for leisure
What he’s losing is his own treasure
Hardening her heart with no measure

© 2015 Michael Yost 12/15

The world will turn on it’s axis.

My world during this season takes me to the depth of my soul with depression. My depression has a wide net and it can take those closes around me into my pit. I’ll be back after the holidaze. Peace and happiness to all.