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That’s Pete and myself 20 years ago.
Today I walked the rail alone, because Pete had to ride.
It was a beautiful coach and everything;
He always looked his best in his dress blues.

It was a beautiful spring morning then too.
The ground was soft that morning and fruitful;
The worms we got were huge and the trout ate em up.
Almost as big as the ones crawling out from under that tarp.

I brought this picture today to remember important things.
Pete’s sacrifice is obvious and full of meaning.
What’s not so obvious is that
Pete greased the last three feet of that rail.

©2011 Michael Yost 01/14

Pete is everyone’s brother, son and father

I Need to Up Wright

I need to write this today
Waiting to fall in love and play
I need to melt at first sight
And please let it happen tonight

My ache is real and gaining strength
The pendulum blade drops in length
How many failures before my death
Before the blade takes my last breath

Last words written with the fall of night
Then the Queen’s ball only pairs in sight
I see Gwen smile does she wait for me?
No the Prince comes up and I flee

© 2016 Michael Yost 04/10

Melancholy Mood, Bob Dylan

7 Ways to Love Yourself

7 Ways to Love Yourself
Posted by: Precious Kc George in All Articles April 3, 2016

“You can never deplete your love by giving it away. Why not give yourself to love?” – Debasish Mridha
Did you mention your wits, your ingenuity, your “stick-to-it-ness” attitude, your awesomeness or did you fall under the trickster’s spell category and say “oh no! Nothing about me is special?
It’s just an illusion! It’s high time you steered off that road. This leads you nowhere. It’s time to let love lead. There are many great things about you. The trickster’s spell has us looking into the mirror and not seeing our true self or worse, no reflection at all or invariably, nothing. Whenever I look into the mirror and see nothing, I know I’ve opened the door and let the trickster steal my reflection— my ability to see myself as I truly am. It’s not easy being YOU, but to be honest, the best version of YOU is just who you see in front of the mirror.
Live by Choice, Not by Chance
As humans, we are free to choose what we want to eat, wear, and do. We can alter the course of our life at any time, because whatever we do, we do by choice. We may say we had no alternative, or that we were forced to, or we had to. The truth is that we do what we choose. Invariably, you chose to read this. It’s as simple as that. Once we realize that we do things by choice, we begin to accept responsibility for our own lives. We are the product of the choices we make. It wasn’t our choice to be born or to die someday, but the period’s in-between we account for. We could choose our friends, careers, lifestyle, the kind of car we want to drive, and the kind of words we wish to speak.
Make Changes, Not Excuses
Sure we all want to make some changes. Some want to read more books, do more sit-ups, or accomplish one kind act per day. When we make these decisions, enthusiastically we grab our tablets or a book to write them all down. We follow through with them for two days or more and then quit. With that, we start dishing out excuses. I’ve been a victim of this, but I found out that self-motivation has a long way to play to make you see those changes.
Choose Self-Esteem, Not Self-Pity
As humans, we could feel this way once in a while. It takes a little mind shift to toss it. Most times, we often respond to rejections and failures by becoming self-critical – listing all our faults and short-comings, calling ourselves names, and basically kicking ourselves like I did, when we are feeling low. We further use ridiculous justifying remarks like “I’m totally a jerk” – to justify damaging our self-esteem when it is already hurting. If there’s one program we could all start that would do wonders for our self-esteem and in turn let love lead, it’s abolishing needless self-criticism and punitive self-talk by imbibing the power of self-love. And that program is actually free! It’s high time you stopped all that because it daunts and dents your self-worth which could in turn bring about low self-esteem. Your self-esteem is unrelated to your physical attractiveness. People with low self-esteem are always resistant to positive feedback. Loving who you are is a daily process, don’t wait until someone tells you “I love you” for you to know that or wait until a special day to feel so. Start now to love the magnificent, awesome, and stunning design you see when you stand before a mirror.
Be Motivated, Not Manipulated
Stay focused on achieving a particular thing don’t just fall for any diamond that catches your eye. Set goals, add some fun like sports you like and stay focused to see it done.
Work to Excel, Not Compete
Don’t always work in trying to compete against someone else. People are unique in their own kind of way. Competing against someone else, will just make you better off than that person and nothing changes. You only feel better for a while. But trying to excel better than how you were last time is tantamount to changes. The more you get better, the more changes you’ll see.
Listen to Your Own Inner Voice, Not the Jumbled Opinion of Others
Yes people will say something. Yes they may call you names, but if you listen to them and don’t do what you’d like, who will feel the pain more? No one else but you. The pain of being laughed at for trying is far much less than the pain for not to have tried at all.
Write a Love Note Addressing It to Yourself
You are divinely created for glorious exploit. Write to yourself on ways, and whys of loving who you are.
By doing the above and listing out your own great things about yourself; like your sense of humor, adventure, achievement, your willingness to make mistakes and your imperfectly perfect personality, you can get back your reflection that the trickster stole.
Let love lead you to see YOU truly and celebrate you! Let’s start the cycle now and give no chance for the trickster again. Starting with me…
I am more than enough.
I love to smile and make others smile.
I am a good listener.
I am wonderful
I love helping others.
Now over to you, list 5 absolutely fabulous things about yourself in the comments below. I know there are more, but just make it simple. I don’t know about you, but I could have an unending list if I was allowed. Let Love Lead.


Precious Kc George is a writer and geek. He has a blog where he shares his experiences after being diagnosed with E.W.S and V.R.S (excessive writing syndrome and voracious reader syndrome). He has a wild dream on getting his ideas into the minds of people to inspire a change with his words thereby changing the world one reader at a time. You can read his blog and also fly over to follow him on his twitter for his latest enthusiastic remarks.