3 responses to “Tragedy

  1. How very true this is. Those Native Americans have much wisdom. Periodically I’ve checked your blog hoping that I would find a posting but…maybe like me, your inspiration has dried up…I hope only temporarily though, for both of us. Thinking of you, Michael, wishing you well.


  2. Ditto. A month back a old friend sent me a email. He’s a small publisher and seen my work and wants to get me into print. I’m waiting for the details. I did dry up. The amount of likes and comments always made me wonder about my abilities. I did start getting more at one time but I had to bust my ass 12 plus hours a day sharing likes and comments.. Reading and writing slowly became unimportant while others were getting hugh hits.I know they weren’t doing what I was because we were sharing our work at the same sites. The red flags and “Writing on the Wall” were clear to me. Doubt is a cancer for writers. I’m trying to fit writing back into my routine again but it’s not easy. I’m sure there will be others that will read this and will be polarized. It will be interesting “IF” they comment. B A Grin!!

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  3. Well, Michael, I’m excited for you about being published. I understand your feelings about having to bust your ass for likes and comments. I got burned out on reading others work that I sometimes just didn’t enjoy but felt obligated to return the favor. I haven’t given up yet though and hope that I can someday stir up some more passion for expressing myself again. I apologize for it taking me so long to respond but I’m pretty unplugged from my blog at this point. But I’m thrilled to hear that you’re okay and that you will soon will be a published author…if you’re not already. My best to you!


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