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I Won’t Let Go

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Friends of John Stover

A friend of mine, Barbara P. shared a series of conversations with several people that surprised me that followed John.

I was a personal friend and worked with John. Let’s share.


Grasping For Since

Keeping in mind we are slaves to our thoughts
Coins thrown in the well doesn’t let wishes be bought
Time flies aging and the past slipping sought
Becoming bewildered filling with fraught

Do I continue I’m at a stand still
Fog is settling in I’ve taken my pill
Much has been taken including my will
Resting in peace no choice but to be still

2018 Michael Yost 04/04

Loving Vincent


Steampunk Tendencies

Crystal Ball

The mention of her name still turns a tear
With sharp echoes stabbing my inner ear
Our fortunes together were never clear
As the crystal ball rolled away with the seer

2018 Michael Yost 04/01