Oblivious to Obvious (Why Li’s Hide)

Oblivious to the obvious
Passing off reality as frivolous
Falling for love can be insanity
Not learning from it definitely

Seeking for spiritual gravity
Pulled into hell through religiosity
Principals of Peter are built on his Rock
Peter’s principles punched my time clock

Holding my torches still burns my spirit
Circling the drain with never flushing it
Albert, I pray the pain goes away
It was Ernie that never had to pay

Stolen innocent, then sense of self
Stored in a safe pushed back on the shelf
In my Mom’s closet where I hid and cried
My story not believed, told after he died

Michael Yost

Albert and Ernie fictional Uncles and a friends Event

5 responses to “Oblivious to Obvious (Why Li’s Hide)

  1. Nice to see you, Michael. Haven’t seen you come up in the feed for a long time. / Jamie Dedes


    • A state of flux. The word almost rhymes with ducks, luck, tux and other words. It’s like riding on a raft made of popsicle sticks and yummy white glue from kindergarten. The civil war twisted my panties in a “Not”. For sanity sake, I started to not care and found it causes the worse possible Karma. Enuff. Anywho I can’t not care and I can’t not stop ✍. Now if I can just stop dancing in one stirrup circles get my fat leg over this mustang’s rump…

      Liked by 1 person

    • battling the crab. 4 years. we’re looking good, probably late spring early summer. love and healthy life to youin alls


  2. Good Stuff Wordsmith


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