Monthly Archives: March 2020

Tid Wit… Mirrored

We have to face it, there no escaping mirrors and if there are two it’s most illusional.

Tid Wit… WordPress Review

No Outside Pressure! No Deadline! Just a blank screen, BUT better  than a 2 inch pencil, a chewed eraserhead turned into stone, the cocktail napkin with growing blood drops from the metal cutting my hand between my index finger and thumb and only 4 dollars left and a beer is 5.

Tid Wit… Intention

Before I speak I knock on the mirror to get my intention.

Tid Wit… The Dark

The dark can blur or pinpoint your focus.

Tid Wit… Deed?

Read, Feed, Heed, and do the Deed?

Tid Wits: Smiling Mormons

What color pill did they take?

Tid Wit: Face

It’s as simple as a pimple on your butt.

Tid Wit: Used to Was

I used to no who I was, until I new who I am.

Tid Wit: Synonym

Anxiety should be a Synonym of Gravity.

Tid Wit…. Period

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. got a question got a question..  Initially what did Jesus and Judas have in common.. ?

No No No They died for a different reason and a PERIOD  was the last thing they had in common.

Michael Yost