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Pota tao, Boiled, Baked and Died

 Pota tao, Boiled Baked and Died

A Mirror’s Worth

You have to Clean the Mirror to be able to See Through It

Michael Yost 07/21/2020

Just Another Old Puckered Butt on a Rollercoaster

The measuring tape suddenly snapped back

Like a mind filled with hate
it seemed to attack

Reeled in, the tape tightened stealing the slack

Also stealing my emotions but for fear and lack

These thoughts now focused and no longer concealed

Anger and guilt rose to see
what routes were sealed

When they arrived a large bell ominously peeled

The rocks under foot opened losing their faith to be healed

Michael Yost

Just Another Daze.

Don’t let the Alarmists Ring the Bells.

The Clown Made Me Do It!

I’m Not but what a cover.

Burst of Light

Let it be the burst of light above and forward that will show you your unique and new path towards…

letting go of who you are not.

Michael Yost 07/13/2020

HFA: High Functioning Anxiety

Who Me?