What has blogging given you the confidence to write or create and then *share*… that you wouldn’t otherwise have done?


Blogging has helped me in a number of ways and I just started not long ago.  First and foremost it has helped me face mid-life crises and other traumas I have gone through.  I do this through writing poems and then sharing them with others as a way of distributing that pent up anger, guilt, and frustrations.

There are light moments I cherish and they are also coming to the surface as when I stuffed everything.  These too will become more a part of my blog because those are my jewels.

I’ve had no formal education in English outside of an A.A.S. degree and both of those English courses were required for my degree.  So my work is mostly traditional style poetry although I’d like to venture into free verse in the near future.

Back to the original question; if it weren’t for blogging I’d still be mired in depression and anxiety.   The more I write the better I feel, the better I feel the more I write.

Michael Yost

Create Your Badge


Step into your new image that you create

You’re not set in stone or some higher fate

Don’t twist and turn at each other’s debate

Rely on the new you and not hesitate

You lift with the winds going up and around

Fearless and searching the wide open ground

Spotting the plunder you angle your glide down

Prey has not a prayer of hardly a sound

The picture you paint should have precision

Character requires some decision

Ensure you provide enough provision

To accomplish whatever you envision

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost


After nine months in and nine months out

You stole away a coward without a shout

A mother of forty a son in her arms

When you left that day you stole all their charms

Going to work now I’ll be back tonight

When the door slammed shut you took off in flight

Abandoned alone in a cold water flat

She knew in her heart you wouldn’t be back

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost

28 responses to “Blogging

  1. Two strong and well-written poems. I especially liked the last two lines in the top poem. Very wise. The second poem powerfully tells its story – very sad , and so well done.


  2. a wondrous entry.
    well put.


  3. Love that ending to Abandoned. Well done. Nice one shot!


  4. You certainly ‘lift with the winds’. I love that phrase.


  5. The more I write the better I feel too, Michael. I’ve struggled with those maladies too–writing has been healing to me.

    The feeling I got in “Abandoned” was the cruel finality of it–so “cut and dried”–going to work–goodbye forever. Sad… Very well done.

    I would love to see a Condor–my siblings and I are “birders”–non of those here in Florida. 🙂


    • You should have plenty snow geese (?) flying on thermals down there right now.
      Kinship is one of the best feelings from blogging. Thanks for tuning in.
      Your “I Am” art video along with the side bar holistic health offerings reminded me of Carlos Castaneda. I know, “how do these people come up with these things?” Keep smiling! o/


  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any snow geese here either–maybe they migrate somewhere else? I don’t know.

    I love the kinship too and this poetry forum has been great.

    That video showcases the art of my friend Lahn; she also is trained in some natural healing modalities that she shares on her website. Interesting that it reminded you of Carlos Castaneda–but why not! 🙂

    See you around…


  7. Thanks so much for sharing this Michael, and for including two of your poems too. That for me is an expression of great confidence 🙂

    PS Love the point about kinship in the comments… so true


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  9. just reading what you have to say…poetry is a great way of helping…i am a hyper manic…i can use poetry to express and release when i am either up or down….i also have never trained i just love writing poetry…its a great release….love the snow..been following it all over your page….great poems..thanks for sharing pete


    • Type 2 here. Not quite high enough to reach the apple and always losing one of your rubbers in the slush. 😉 I used to work for a company that did a lot of business with the UK over the phone and with some of the long time female clients that became close would sometimes say, “Bear with Me” in which I replied,”shirts first?”. \o0/


  10. Well done. Both are excellent. And many truths tucked in there: “character requires some decision” – yes, yes – and “she knew in her heart he wouldn’t be back” – too sad – and often too true. Good for you.

    As far as education in English, just my own thought: poetry is a thing of the soul. It comes from sacred space. The best education is listening to your own heart. No???

    Happy to “meet” you. Continued good luck with blogging.


  11. this is much like myself. it (blogging/writing) is my happy pill! its a great therapy for me.
    …and i am adding you to my blogroll if you do not mind? 🙂


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  13. Hope and positivity are mutually exclusive – is a philosophy I follow in life and so far I can only see positives…



  14. You are an amazing man with an amazing talent! Keep writing…I have written since ’98 and though a process has helped tremendously. Now retired, I spend my days writing poetry and seeking out some of the most beautiful nature photos I can create with my new Nikon. They both in fact help…I thank you sir for your patronage. Peace Brother.


    • A shutterbug and a keyboardist Get to create from both sides of the brain I believe. Now that’s cool. We have an mutual admiration going on so that means we need to share our work when we can.


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