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How Often the Glen Echoes

How often the glen echoes
Depends on the single voice pure
Calling her love through the snow
Testing how love endures

Words between them short and terse
He said things he ought not said
What things she said were much worse
All over the unmade bed

No children heard two years now
Not for not trying, passion flared
Sweat intermingled on their brows
Blaming self, unanswered prayer

How often the glen echoes
Depends on the heart’s love pure
Finds her love one in the snow
Too much too long to endure

© 2011 Michael Yost


It’s On Tonight


Word whispered out, “It’s on tonight.”The War Machine

Warriors rounded into one

Lightest armor and weapons chose

Into evening we would run

King and men flanked ridges around

Insuring foe’s defeat

Queen and court made ready for fight

Stockpiling bastions for retreat

Advancing slow on sleeping foes

Ice water soon to break

Projectiles at the ready

Balloons will abruptly awake

© 2011 Michael Yost

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