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Tid Wit: Used to Was

I used to no who I was, until I new who I am.

Tid Wit: Synonym

Anxiety should be a Synonym of Gravity.

Tid Wit…. Period

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. got a question got a question..  Initially what did Jesus and Judas have in common.. ?

No No No They died for a different reason and a PERIOD  was the last thing they had in common.

Michael Yost

Late Night 20/20 TidWits?

Gun Control for Gun “Con” “Trolls”

Sometimes being retired is better than being a retread or is it the other way around??

Just Me Again


We Wee Wee

Time is relative
As we grow older
Can’t you see
That time goes faster
In between going pee

Yes these are my words
Please excuse me

Michael Yost


The Political Handle

Please jiggle the handle.

The bowl is starting to overflow.

LYAO is a short term solution.

Eating your words on the other hand….

Michael Yost


Your Title and Turn

If we babble long enuff
We know the melting snows
Can bring new hope in the brooks

Isn’t it time for us to be blessed
Isn’t it time to share common goals
Like the sun and snow working together
They provide for us life giving water

Sun, snow and water alone
Have the growing potentials for evil
Or potential growing together to live

Michael Yost