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Would like to know how you feel?

I’m considering leaving the internet, companies are trying to take over by giving themselves the higher speeds and giving us their consumers the lower speed. Viruses, Pornographic emails of beautiful women that all want to get together for some fun, and on more than one occasion my card has been triple charged in europe for top rated software makers, Now we have a new internet advertising company that has ad placements anywhere they want and it’s virtually impossible to get them off your computer. If you have the legal for now company in your system they’ll place a few words “netocoupon” advertising click on here to erase the ad (that hasn’t been filled yet). Java has 4 companies hitchhiking that won’t give the updates unless you allow them to be installed on your computer. Again netocoupon trying to infiltrate and change you home address and install trovi(sp) as your search engine. I’m not going to make a rash decision and I’m going to think more about it. Anybody else seeing the subtle changes going on? Let me know what you think. I’m also going to post it on my blog, Michael’s Lair… which they also have those ad pop ups on. After logging on right now to add this new post, they wanted me to fill out a 4 question survey and give me a crackerjack prize for 5 dollar shipping fee.