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Duke Loves Daisy

Capital letters for us

In the tree out back

Now about grown over

As I’m about to pack

Duke loves Daisy

Carved within a heart

Hard to make out now

Then it was our start

Sold the house

So big and alone

Without you now

The house only groans

A new couple now

With love in their hearts

Makes it feel right

Since it’s their start

© 2011 Michael Yost 09\04

The Curb

The curb came up abruptly and bruised my toe

I wasn’t watching, I didn’t know

My sights were upon the girl with the bow

Looking both ways I stumbled, I blushed

Slipped and slid through the cold wet slush

I just wanted to meet her, not to be crushed.

©2011 Michael Yost 04/20

Beyond the Clouds

The sun has come and sadly set

Nearly four hours ago

Clouds have slammed shut the night light

Pushing out the full moon’s glow

Stars are waiting to sail their shine

Though the darkness has prevailed

Breaking through above the clouds

With their bright lights unveiled

Now the clouds are burned away

The moon and the stars share

There’s nothing more beautiful

Or nothing that can compare

© 2013 Michael Yost 03/29

Evening Shore

As I started towards the evening shore
It revealed foot prints that began at our door
Knowing they were yours going to the sea
I matched your strong gait feeling anxiety

There sitting alone at the water’s edge
The sand around you formed a wedge
High tide came and left a little moat
Left you sitting higher appearing to float

I called out your name now running towards you
Found you cross legged, hands in your lap blue
Eyes closed with a smile etched on your calm face
Suddenly left us laughing with your cool embrace

2011 Michael Yost

Beauty Runs deep

Balcony or tower, she’s still not there.
Nowhere to be seen, under rocks, I dare?
Could the princess croak like the prince before?
How about sleeping, dammed forever more?

North, South, East and West, traveling the earth.
Why heaven does know, tell me if she’s birthed?
She’ll travel around, when you least expect.
Beauty hides deep, the least you accept

© 2011 Michael Yost

Periwinkle Preston

Periwinkle Preston glanced over the dance floor
Finding the ideal woman, the one who soared
Not the easiest of task seeing the perfect score
A one eyed beastly man being of ill report

The heart of a champion the soul of a saint
Oh but what a picture that God had painted
Periwinkle Preston tried to make an acquaint
Alas the beautiful girl could not, just fainted

Tears flowed from his one eye on down to her face
She looked up startled seeing something out of place
Something in his eye before not noticed
Her barren soul protruding with prejudice

And they live happily ever after with beautiful one eyed babies

© 2011 Michael Yost

Our Glass of Sand

Pushing on past the distinction and space
To be touched by fire her radiant embrace
Chest to breast both our hearts synced in a race
Never wanting to ever leave this place

Scent of her hair ear lobe cool to the touch
Loins rushing red my lips about to brush
Breathe quickened now body soon to combust
This must not only be given to lust

Running fingers down her arms to her hands
Our eyes locked in smile lingering in stand
As if we were part of something banned
Time is all present in our glass of sand

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost   booguloo@live.com