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Just Kidding?

The cinders had sharp edges, to the light touch
But feeling them too hard, they turned to black dust.
Too close to the fire, brought on by the long drought.
Blackened and bone dry, the life had all dried out

As we grow older, more sharp edges appear
We chase others away, so not to get near.
Hearts turn to small figs old bones dry out too
Heat from a different source we become blue

When you pass old grumpy people throughout your day
Push them aside, warn them, “Get out of the way!”
Hose them down, tell them, “I’ve got a life too!”
“I’ll give you a reason, reasons to turn blue!”

© 2011 Michael Yost



Rendezvous Blues

Blue Eyes

Indigo, azure to cyan’s hue
No purity ever so true
Patrons can see the obvious clue
Why her place is called Rendezvous Blues

© 2011 Michael Yost