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Flowing Water

It should flow like the water in a brook.
These words I read from our favorite book.
Your eyes are closed now but I see you smile?
Still it makes me feel it’s all worthwhile.

The years go by slow since the accident.
I see it all clear now in the present.
The driver was drunk he hit us head on.
Your blood did flow on that fateful dawn.

I know these words by heart I love to read.
Now your time is near I read for my need.
Stumbling over now the words from our book.
It should flow like the water in a brook.

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Book

The Google Book
The book opened up to me and therein lied
All the the wonders of the world and I sighed
We could go over there or maybe over here
From high atop on the mountains we could peer

The picture pages turned back and therein lied
Escape from the monotony and I cried
The rivers and the valleys seemed oh so dear
I could reach out and touch them they seemed so near

The book does appear now as if it does lie
Dashed hopes of a future my heart once spied
Sadly the visions were made perfectly clear
It was the book that survived; the earth was seared

© 2011 Michael Yost

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