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Painted Laugh

Throw open the windows painted shut
All I had to do is make you laugh
Putty and butter knives plus hammer
Thinking there was an ulterior gaff

Through layers of lead sawing back and forth
Back then you’d have scorned me if I tried
Pulling pieces of the pliant paint off
Reeling you in again like a new bride

The sill remains undamaged, free of most paint
You struggle against yourself and the line’s restraint
The paint breaks free and the window goes up
A breeze comes through and you giggle just enough

© 2012 Michael Yost 1/18

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Banshee’s Baby

The song is set to sing
Set the chimes to ring
Winter has gone to spring
Allow the birds to wing

Paramount to the lyrics is the love
Cloistered, caged and crying are the last doves
Waiting for their time to be at last free
To be cut down by the wailing banshees

One death foretold crying
The bride or the groom dying
The groom fell on his sword
The bride hung by a cord
The stillborn baby born

©2011 Michael Yost