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Given These Tears Today

Given these crocodile tears today
Forgive me exposing my broken heart
And me as my heaving body sways
To our old song now broken apart

Only she can kiss away my tears
She’s walking down to the river’s bank
Going to skip flat rocks we did for years
We were both happier with many thanks

Following her to the river’s edge
Picked up a rock and skipped it down stream
Quietly bringing up our life long pledge
And when we put together our dream

If your intentions are to leave pure
I will walk away with no more words
Nothing but sobs without any cure
Tears came as I turned away eyes blurred

It’s time for a session with the truth
You walked in this morning your head down
We have invested our time since our youth
We locked our eyes and you skipped your crown

© 2015 Michael Yost 07/01

You Too?

Where does the broken heart go?
Somewhere hiding in the depths below
Living as a mere vacant shadow
Adhered to the floor and baseboards solo

Spine backed into the crevice of a corner
Slouched over, head in knees, like a mourner
No longer them self, once considered a charmer
Alone again in anguish, conquered

Wait; there’s another teary eye to cling to
”I know I can make it much better for you”
”Let me hold your hand to get you through”
Where a broken heart heads to, in lieu

© 2011 Michael Yost