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The Curb

The curb came up abruptly and bruised my toe

I wasn’t watching, I didn’t know

My sights were upon the girl with the bow

Looking both ways I stumbled, I blushed

Slipped and slid through the cold wet slush

I just wanted to meet her, not to be crushed.

©2011 Michael Yost 04/20

Red as a Beat

Our lunch hour talks seemed to be getting through
He’s dangerous beating her with bamboo
Her stories were gut wrenching getting beat
Now bruises showing, no longer discrete

Her scarf blew to me as she ran to him
I watched her back heave being a beat victim
I kept the scarf because it had her scent
They ran away in spite of his treatment

Watching them go was harder than I thought
The story was on page three, showed she fought
Her fear finally overcame his snare
By killing him with his gun on a dare

© 2013 Michael Yost 07/28

Choosing Love

How bright the spring morning shined
Clearing the dark dreams from my mind
Washing the sleeper’s crust from my eyes
Looking deep into the mirror for an ally

Solutions in the balance thumbs confused
One over the other leaves two bruised
Eventually time will betray my masquerade
And my fear is both will fade away

© 2012 Michael Yost 4/30