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New Circumstances

Giving their circumstances I gave them back
Needing to get back on lost forgotten tracks
Some came and went in different directions
Wondering how they got their new selections

Airport security had padded down a few
Seeing nothing but what they already knew
The strongest followed the smarter down the road
Footing found too late watching their bomb explode
© 2015 Michael Yost 05/05

Made in my Blood

Caught her leaving without so much as a goodbye
Saying the world we put together had up and dried
The drought claimed our children and we almost died
Tilled the land, planted seed and watered as we cried

Then you bring up promises made in my blood
Too many prayers or curses brought the flash flood
Our children’s graves washed out over own crud
Now we endlessly dance on each other’s dust and mud

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/30

So You Had to Ask or

Skimming the water, how do we know
How deep or shallow the water is
Without running the risk of vulnerability
Or are we to know only when it’s his

Does Charon always charge for to and fro
If you had to assk for the answer it always burns
Are (S)elected memories of a rich man’s health
The only way to express funneling Wealth..

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/16

Over Stayed My Welcome

You’ve made my heart echo
The closest people stared
It flowed and flowed and flowed
Most caught unawares

Why did you wait so long
There was no ending yet
To my cold come in song
Echoed loud your ignored pet

She removed my collar
Shooed me into traffic
The sum of my fears rears
Tires stereo-graphic

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/01

I am Your Father

Pick up the pieces of the petals threw
The bride and the groom ran like the wind blew
One had spoken up to why not to wed
Harsh words were spoken the vows never said

The accuser stood hat held in his hands
Before the groom left he threw him the bands
Chest heaving with tears the man held his head
Reached in his pocket then shot himself dead

Story was told later to those not there
Seems the accuser once had an affair
He kept it silent so as not to slur
He stood to tell all I am your father

© 2011 Michael Yostvintage-microphone-vector-thumb2289339






Thrill Killed

Dead fly lying on the window sill

Going up and down, around until

Realizing he’s at a standstill

Finally destroying his life’s will


© 2011 Michael Yost

Melancholy Incomplete’s


Take these tears away from me
Rip this cerecloth from my head
This burden saps all my strength
In between my bed and dead

Cause of which can not be seen
Questions why pound and are asked
Nothing from any great length
The answers are only masked

Fearfulness hides in my taint
Legs twisting up in wet sheets
This disease wrinkles my dreams
Melancholy incomplete’s

© 2011 Michael Yost


Free Write Friday

Senryu Seven

  ( Photo © Mike Roemer/ Mike Roemer Photography Inc.)


White Owls turning heads
A fresh drawer for the dead
No longer just Fred’s

© 2011 Michael Yost
One Shoot Photography Sunday