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Most Times Not So


Some times it hurts, but most times not so
The archers waited stringing their bows
King James had his doubts but he had to know
Did her serf sneak into her bed or her dead beau

(C)2014 Michael Yost 10/23

Tock Tick

All at once the world is rotating right
Yesterday is going to be tomorrow
Are sure everything you did was bright
I knew this had to go down yesterday

I don’t know when I knew when it was due
I know it reflected all over at once
Filling me with a sense of second chances
Then everything was out of balance

Tock tick, tock, tock grandfather’s rhythm is blue
No place to hide everything’s exposed
She’s dealing out the black and white photos
Feelings lost then found waking from my doze

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/18

The Poetry Pantry


Death Intertwined

The ebony wall pushing me from behind
The wall and my back are locked, intertwined
Heels almost dragged under as it goes
My gaunt eyes staring forward, froze

Ahead at the white line past my nose
I count on my fingers all my past woes
Shoulders pushed forward with my head hanging low
Cursing it’s not my fault, I’m predisposed

Awake in my apartment the line’s on the mirror
I take what’s there to make my mind clearer
The dream starts over being pushed from behind
My head and the white line are intertwined

© 2011 Michael Yost