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Best Read with New Meds

Lazy eye turns and I see double
Tired eyes close, the start of the trouble
Drifting away, sleep seals my work
Minutes later, a sudden jerk

Awake now and ready to start
Writing half lines within my heart
It’s a price I pay with new meds
Wonder if it’s worth, sleeping instead


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/15

Turning the Page

Reading my novel, I wait for the train
Dreaming of my destination
I know that I know it must be there
As I keep going from station to station

I can’t keep track of all the end of the lines
That I’ve passed by without a blink
I’ve spent some time at every town
I can imagine of what you must think

I know I’ll know, when it comes up the line
It doesn’t matter what my age
I’ve been riding now for forty years
Soon I’ll turn the page

© 2011 Michael Yost