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Dusty Shelves

I’ve been given a gift that will help many people
I was sitting alone and disturbed under the steeple
A lady came down and she sat down next to me
I greeted her with my best smile and she tapped my knee

All of sudden I was covered with electric volts
I jumped and almost fell but she steadied me from the jolt
She said,”Sit down now please and let me explain myself
Earlier I felt like an old book from a dusty shelve”

Next I expected Rod Sterling to walk out unfettered
But I encouraged her to tell me because I felt better
When she started explaining her countenance sparkled
“The pastor said some were receiving tools for the battle”

The people are going to spread peace a spirit of love
Breaking down the self made barriers that will bring more doves
The doves will rest on their arms for a moment
Leaving a pinch of peace and becoming His servant

The doves were spreading peace all over the land
As a huge timer would pass only a single piece of sand
Most of the people took the blessing and flew with the doves
Spreading peace for everyone with spirit of love

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/05