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Emptiness Prevails

Unfurling my sailsUnfurling The Sails
Winds to calm my heart
Emptiness prevails

My wet brow is pale
Not good for a start
Unfurling my sails

Wanting for an ale
Look upon my chart
Emptiness prevails

Why the wind curtails
Keeping us apart
Unfurling my sails

Praying for strong gales
For love I must part
Emptiness prevails

I just can not fail
The tears start to smart
Unfurling my sails
Emptiness prevails

© 2011 Michael Yost
First Villanelle

One Stop Poetry Form Villanelle


Invisible Divisible

The feelings in my heart are invisible
The words in my mind can not be seen
Empty bottles could not redeem
Sense of my unspoken dreams
Clearly you can not see
Hidden love for thee
My heart stays bound
Not to be








© 2011 Michael Yost