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Enlightened Arms

I wail at the night and plead for a new conscience.
Extract me from the forces of damnation
And set me in the power of enlightenment.
Help me seize a real absolution for my spirit

The words I hear roll over my burdened shoulders
How does faith reinforce my faulty reasoning?
And how does reason reinforce my lack in faith
Make it real before my eyes, before my eyes die

Or is death the reward to end suffering
To die unto self and be born again into His light
The words have to have light or show me nothing
My bones break and my eyes bleed and scab over

How dare I compare to the Saints Tribulations?
Do I call down the manifestations or retributions?
Or cause the reflection to be seen in mere men’s eyes
May I be held in the cradle of your enlightened arms?

© 2011 Michael Yost