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Scott Will Understand

Passing Jane again causes such pain.
That warming smile and blue eyes pushes me around like a leaf in the wind.
Oh how I wish I could break free from my self inflicted exile and wrap my arms around her.
I monitor her classes occasionally, but I fear my sighs and sobs would end up distracting her and giving me away.
So I mostly steal looks when I can from higher places so as not to alarm her. 
People wouldn’t understand my love and obsession for her and label me a stalker.
I would never harm or intrude on her space, in fact I am her protector and guardian against those that would do her harm.
Her occasional smile and laugh even though not meant for me carry me throughout the day.
At night is the hardest, because I can be the closet and overhear her conversations with her friends.
She loves this open air cafe and from the second floor I hear her phone conversations with Scott.
He’s away in school in England and they talk twice a week.
He’s just a kid and has no idea what kind of woman Jane is.
When he comes home for holiday I’ll have a talk with him; I’m sure he’ll understand he’s no good for her.

©2011 Michael Yost