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Life’s Memories

I love the old porch swing poetry
What’s left of my life’s memories
Going back I find some new stories
Why did they hold them back from me

They think I don’t know what’s going on
Still watching the clocks till I’m gone
Where’s the poems I had for the songs
Tick Tock I know what’s going on

2012 Michael Yost 02/07

Lined Distortion

Who is that man in the mirror?
Is he the one I used to know?
The boy with brown curly hair and
Faded freckles. There’s the hazel eyes.

Is that all that can be seen now?
How ironic is that; green eyes?
The nose was broken then and now.
Now the faded memories come forth.

The pictures are long gone now.
I can only piece the puzzle and
The man in the mirror forgot.
Not remembering what was then.

© 2012 Michael Yost 06/10