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Few More Crumbs

Went flying again today
And should have never come
The sun rays and pays
By drying out wet bread crumbs

Thoughts and feelings unclear
Watching the ravens eat
Wiping away hot tears
By not staying it’s retreat

Their lost children’s plane lands
Priest gives last rites
Families wring their hands
While others line up their sights

The bright children we knew
Cling to each other’s fate
But coming back home screwed
Rolled in a bubble wrapped crate

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/03

Losing Your Fear

She flew past my wide open eyes
I grabbed her train in the clear blue sky
Hanging on for my life circling wide
Starting her descent I thought I would die

Losing your fear to fly like you did
Jumping from that height I would have shit
But you overcame your fear and it melted
Knowing your OK I’m ready to get belted

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/09