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The Bridge

I wander alone down this road
My cart has one wheel that wobbles
What belongs to me is what you see
Don’t try to take it from me or squabble

Coming to a broken concrete bridge
The only way to get past the river
Up ahead a clown jumped up and down
Showing it’s safe but the river made him shiver

What do you see when you read
Two men at their end of their future
I see what happens when two men don’t heed
Who have nothing to show for their adventures


© 2013 Michael Yost 07/23


Mortality has come upon me
Making my heart skip a beat
Realizing time has an ending
There’s something I’d like to repeat

To live each moment in the present
Enjoying it, as if it were the last
With the future one second forward
Without measuring things from the past

© 2011 Michael Yost