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Sooner or Later

Sitting on the big shelf isn’t so dam bad
You dream dreams at night and push away sad
The pills you take ease the pain in the rain
Most of the time you don’t care if clothes stain

The poems are easy not too hard at all
Like some of your plumbing gotten too small
They still talk of Smith, playing in the sack
And poor old Ms. Peters throwing out her back

His smile on his face could not be erased
Ms. Peters is fine now wearing her back brace
When it’s your shelf turn remember this poem
Sooner or later God will take you home.

© 2011 Michael Yost

Purgatories Purse Strings*


Casings hallowed by the fire, zip through the clip

Scorching little forearm hairs as they skipped and flipped

Sending souls to purgatory whipped and stripped

No marker or stone left, just an open scrip

© 2011 Michael Yost


*3.75 APR