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So You Had to Ask or

Skimming the water, how do we know
How deep or shallow the water is
Without running the risk of vulnerability
Or are we to know only when it’s his

Does Charon always charge for to and fro
If you had to assk for the answer it always burns
Are (S)elected memories of a rich man’s health
The only way to express funneling Wealth..

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/16

Over Stayed My Welcome

You’ve made my heart echo
The closest people stared
It flowed and flowed and flowed
Most caught unawares

Why did you wait so long
There was no ending yet
To my cold come in song
Echoed loud your ignored pet

She removed my collar
Shooed me into traffic
The sum of my fears rears
Tires stereo-graphic

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/01


The hunger is never sated
The longing never abated
The addiction to food is real
The only hope is to heal

Nothing fills the enormous void
Filling vacuums are never enjoyed
Some call it oral fixation
Whatever it’s called is crippling the nation

Obesity is now the PC for fat
Even for myself I’m done lapped
Calling to arms my stomach’s six pack
I just have to find it in front of my back


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/20

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The Lust and Hunger of the Phoenix

Does the Phoenix feel the pull of the fire?
As the ashes draw flesh and feathers together
The image of flight has the Phoenix fixed
On the thermals of lust and wonder

Fully engaged he shoots with flames trailing
Straight towards the thermals to scan for his first lover
Looking over the skies he sees a dove and dives
Upon catching the dove he drives home his seed

Then as the dove reaches ecstasy she bursts into flames
As the Phoenix slowly circles his way to the rocks below
The dove just burns away and upon landing
He begins to strip the cooked dove of its tender flesh

© 2011 Michael Yost


I Haven’t Done Anything yet Either

The halls echo softly with children’s cries
Mom lies in her locked hole getting high
Garbage strewn beneath the children’s feet
Refrigerator unplugged with nothing to eat

Bulging bellies in America hard to believe
And there’s no one around to care or to grieve
Flys in the kid’s eyes are having a feast
Even the roaches deserted with no crumbs to eat

© 2011 Michael Yost

No Free Lunch

I roll the RamenRamen Noodles
Around the tines of my fork
Hunger held at bay
Breakfast time on a school day
Free lunch only for the poor

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost