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Swing to Wings

The sun kissed her cheeks
And danced in her eyes
Pulling the swings rope
With hopes she would fly

Disappointed she jumped
High up in the air
Landing on her feet
Like a cat you’d swear

She built wings to wear
To jump off the swing
She gained a few feet
I heard her heart sing
© 2012 Michael 01/06

Empty Crucifixes

Imagination gives lift to my wings
Makes it easier to lift my voice and sing
Anchors scrapping the bottom breaking their strings
Like a catapult boulder flung on a fling

Landing hard beyond the wide and long river Styx
No change in my mouth to pay for Charon’s pyx
More things that could have happened were politics
Now praising God for empty crucifixes

© 2015 Michael Yost 03/28


She tied my hands and feet with streams of left over satin
My imagination wants to resume our earlier passion
Looming large up ahead was her four poster bedroom
Then came the thoughts of my own sinking doom

How many people step aside or dive into their dreams
The old and passed prime also wants to play it seems
It was real as I knelt in front of your mirrored soul
Wanting to fill where my heart was that left a hole

The moon’s rising over the roads up ahead of me
No dreams for the near future that the dark clouds foresee
Expecting whatever bits and bytes that she might send
Left me running and reeling to the ones you let attend

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/24

REM under Thoughts

Closing my eyes to rest my weary gaze
Imagination grows as I nod forward in a haze
The last conscious thought chases the next phase
Peeking through hedges lost in the maze

©2011 Michael Yost