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Entrust your love while you are gone away
You are off to fight to come back some day
Your friend for some years has proven his worth
To care for your wife who is going to birth

The war lasts for years your time is now done
You come home to find you fathered a son
Not yet three years old he’s handsome and bright
He talks like a man wants to be a great knight

Wooden sword and shield he fights the bad men
But most of the time he just scares the hens
His friend told the boy his father’s great deeds
He fended for his wife and filled all their needs

© 2011 Michael Yost 06/09

Our Thoughts

Our time is right we need to wake up
Don’t put us in danger with your gossip
Our thoughts and mind need to be scrubbed clean
Biting our tongue in front of the Queen

She shared our break through eyes widening
Now a Knight of her court our glass ceiling
One or the other at her round table
The King is dead long live the Queen’s will

© 2015 Michael Yost 08/12