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Stretching My Good Will

I seen you coming with your black sack
Now it’s you again trying to come back
The people would like their young men to help
The crops failed when you left is still felt

See your bone yard that you left behind
You promised no more snakes assigned
What now do you offer these young men
Eternal life caring for you again

You didn’t share your crops that were expected
Where are our crops that you had projected
Coming back what’d you expect to see
The bone yard isn’t full and we’ve the key

© 2015 Michael Yost 07/31

Cold Evening

Another cold evening without you
Spooning was a length of warmth delivered
Until morning you were exhaling blue
Tickling small hairs on my neck I shivered

Dave and I are all alone without Grace
She trained Dave very well and he’s behaved
Awaking again she’s not in her place
Morning passed badly getting dressed and shaved

Half finished dreams reflect my state of mind
Letting her go hasn’t been very easy
In the end once more, we’re left behind
But my love alone lets her go freely

The steel doors kept locked and the windows barred
She’s back at the asylum without delay
The patient and the dog were found by the guard
Trying to find a small place out of the way
© 2014 Michael Yost 06/01

Be Prepared For Dawn

Coming to town all gut zed up
To see where everybody is
No one stopped to see how I was
And the town looked long deserted

I seen an old timer rocking his chair
“I asked where everyone had gone”?
“One morning everyone wasn’t here
And It was at the break of dawn”.

He continued, “I thought you went up too
I was to tell the stranglers to go on”.
That you would be picked up later
And have your heart prepared for dawn”,

© 2013 Michael Yost 04/26

Not Left Behind This Time

Left behind to play with himself
Finding a puzzle he might solve
All the other kids went ahead
When they seen him often they fled

He was a normal and quiet boy
Mother was poor not many toys
Father had left for some reason
Mother mumbled about treason

Left alone too while mother worked
She told him uptown a store clerk
Some boy’s drunken dad let it out
He saw his mom whoring about

Grew up stronger and tougher too
Came up alone fought quite a few
Signed up Marines a paradox
A dad for sad until the pine box

© 2011 Michael Yost