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The Mysteries

It’s beyond my comprehension. I really don’t understand what you are trying to convey. I don’t doubt your ability to communicate; I’m beginning to doubt my mental capacity and or development. Surely you of all people must understand, given your way of weaving words and abstracts.

I see others all around me falling into your cadence and your vestibules of verbiage; with me being left behind, the brass knocker in my hands, banging at the door of perception. Am I the child in front of the TV still questioning, “Who is the Kaiser and why is he in my Bugs Bunny cartoon”? The mysteries remain.

©2010-2011 Michael Yost

Chad the Bad

Chad the bad was extremely glad he pinched a pint of juice
He had no time to pick the best, but got one 80 proof
The next to find a great long line to fill his nostrils toot
To blow his mind over the time it takes to get more loot
He’ll foul a friend oh don’t pretend you think you know his game
Remember it’s done under the moon he never wants the fame


booguloo@live.com  Michael Yost

8 Times 8

Never the less always the more

Same as it was never before

Going uphill rounding the bend

Dry as a bone wet as a hen

Go fly a kite bug on the wall

Stop on a dime don’t drop the ball

Up in the air down on the ground

Just silliness nothing profound

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost   booguloo@live.com