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A Dream is a Dream is a Dream?

The anchor’s dragging from the wind blowing
Sails are stowed so the boat must be towing
Two anchors dropped bow into the waves
Dark clouds with sheets of rain counting graves

Pealing thunder brought Hope from the cabin
Snapping a switch Hope brought out the lightning
Purple, blue and white colors lit up the night
Asking Hope smiling if she had a kite

No but we must go see Davy Jones
The boat started to sink shivering bones
Hope sang a magic song I’d never heard
Capturing my heart and soul the words blurred

Jumping overboard and I started to swim
My confusion cleared up out of the dim
Out of my dream I wake up in the moat
The first one offering her hand was Hope

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/25

St George’s Shield

Caught up with the kites around me
Winds taking us through the light blue skies
All for me to wonder is laid out below
The clouds billow and stretch before my eyes

Children dream with dragons flying up high
With St George’s shield deflecting their flames
Down drafts thrust the kites to the earth
The crosses crippled down with heaven’s blame

Parents stroke their children’s hair and blot tears
Hoping more time would make them all right
Burnt edges angry now from lightning
Crosses twisting wildly now in the night

Writing away with the wind and rain
Caught up as the twisting crosses fly
Parents and children scatter below
Dark clouds swirl; stretch angry threats from the sky

© 2012 Michael Yost 06/11