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Shadows from the past never let you go
Reminds me of my butt I push or tow
Much of my memory occluded by snow
Shadows from the past never let you grow

Whispers tossed astray with the northern wind
Butterflies and moths stay put for they’re pinned
Listen closely, hear their cries chagrined
Making it so harder they can’t rescind

Using my inside the home voice I spoke
But the rain came and washed words over his cloak
While my shadow was laughing to evoke
Starting to cry; my shadow joined in to stroke

My love walked by, he looked and wanted to attend
Armored hand offered; “looks like you need a friend
Someone who could help you to transcend
Take my hand so I can approach and defend”

Taking his arm and walking with a lion’s pride
Shadows behind us trying to keep up our stride
Once we were together I’ve never left his side
Our shadows are now lucid when I became his bride

© 2012 Michael Yost 08/05