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Sea of Sins

Given the wind I’d fill the sails
Leave for our port of Abigail
Changing our hearts with love to give
Pardon all sins without the sieve

Free of guilty rifts and driven
Sins thrown in the sea and forgiven
Strive against impulse from within
Sailing over the sea of sins

Abigail is our home port choice
Our women see us and rejoice
At home, not lonely or missed
Repentant again sins dismissed?

© 2013 Michael Yost 07/31

After All

Why do I cause these things to happen
I must have a need to embarrass myself
After all it’s a secret agenda to me after all
Who knows what the secret is besides her

It’s buried under the two for one head stone
She knows and rolls around laughing at me
Wondering how long I’ll be, she’s lonely
It’s time to see what my secret agenda is

(c) 2013 Michael Yost 0319