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Dragging My Heart

My heart drags behind me waiting to bust
Picking up small pebbles and blackened dust
Growing heavier with each step I make
I have to keep walking for my own sake

Having to widen my personal taste
Friendship’s the key so no reason for haste
Mirrors reminding me that I’m no catch
Reeling in my heart for the next match


©2013 Michael Yost 02/09

Mining Memories

Lavender and silk comes into my mind
Alone at night, where buried memories are mined
Breaking clumped thoughts through the sifting screen
Separating out the goodness from what is gleaned

Balancing scale’s weigh her with ingots golden
Leveling the best of her, shows I’m beholden
Her scent and sheer gown enhances her presence
While my soul and my love were her real presents

© 2011 Michael Yost


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