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simple as it feels the words ring true
saying it over again love rules
spoken in the winds it travels far
up and past the heavens to the stars

wranglers on the ranch’s sky opens wide
clouds can’t hold it back on either side
the rain comes down to quite the roar
and the songs rise into the sky soar

in the clash the songs multiply
lighting up the gloomy skies
that’s the way we bring the smiles
and silencing the exiles

© 2013 Michael Yost 04/25

Escaping With The Wind

Nothing you utter will change my mind
Those words that you used left me maligned
You’ve taken my ability to love and trust
And turned my love into hate and disgust

Nothing you can do will repair my heart
Catching the whirlwind, my way to depart
I rise as the breeze began to lift
Into the elevating winds I drift

Nothing you see reflected in that mirror
Will give you solace; how can I make more clear?
You’ve hid behind masks to keep people at arms length
Drifting over your masks it showed me your only strength
© 2012 Michael Yost 07/12