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A Dream is a Dream is a Dream?

The anchor’s dragging from the wind blowing
Sails are stowed so the boat must be towing
Two anchors dropped bow into the waves
Dark clouds with sheets of rain counting graves

Pealing thunder brought Hope from the cabin
Snapping a switch Hope brought out the lightning
Purple, blue and white colors lit up the night
Asking Hope smiling if she had a kite

No but we must go see Davy Jones
The boat started to sink shivering bones
Hope sang a magic song I’d never heard
Capturing my heart and soul the words blurred

Jumping overboard and I started to swim
My confusion cleared up out of the dim
Out of my dream I wake up in the moat
The first one offering her hand was Hope

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/25

The Rooftop


Upon the rooftop reaching for the stars
Looking up you see stars, Venus and Mars
Wishing for some magic and discover
You’re holding feelings under cover

You can’t hide forever magic will show
Your feet over the world are still shadows
Running, walking or creeping with all fours
Going nowhere you’re stuck like before

Until you accept that magic won’t work
Trying the last one thing of you going berserk
You can’t run for feelings under cover
Seeing it all out you’re going to suffer

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/14

Poet’s Quill

Tear filled ink pot satisfies the poet’s quill
Flooding the scroll, reaching for reasoning
Searching for tomorrow’s love?
The mage enters and dust rolls from underfoot
Settling onto the tear etched scroll.
Coming into view the combined
Dust and tears predicting the future
The poet rolls the scroll up quickly
Nothing good comes of this
Opening doors of false discernment
The mage’s dust corrupts

© 2012 Michael Yost 1/10

The Need to Heed

Wind mills and a rainbow on the hills that I stroll
Ahead on the path I see a little troll
When I finally reach him he reads from a scroll
The King said it’s his right to demand a large toll

The scroll says the King owes him for some magical spell
And had him released him from the dungeon’s cell
You see my magic is strong so heed mademoiselle
Or I’ll put you in a deep hole and you’ll think it is hell

I pulled out my wand and did to what he threatened
The troll looked up and appeared to be frightened
As he stood there the hole had just deepened
Maybe you should have asked with whom that you bargained

© 2011 Michael Yost


Magic is Magic Top Hatmaking                                                              
Sadness in the hearts vanish
And rabbits appear

Colored scarves drying the tears
The little orphans laugh and cheer

©2010-2011 Michael Yost


Monday Pot Luck Poem Week 16