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Catching the morning sun through the dust
I cried from inside of my inkwell
Hoping for the day she would have some trust
Sliding down again cursing her hell

When your muse feels ignored and alone
She picks up the pen to help me out
Don’t be surprised when she won’t throw a bone
No matter how much you whine and shout

Finally I get out of my inkwell
Walking to my muse I start to sweat
Your tactics will never compel
And I guess I’ll always be in your debt

© 2016 Michael Yost 01/19

Works Differently

Sometimes the muse sings blues
Others times it knocks and strolls
Rockets lift igniting the fuse
Or asking for whom the bell tolls

Just tune in and it will christen
Words will come that strikes the chord
Calm your mind still, do not listen
Soon it comes like the mouse that roared

© 2011 Michael Yost

Haiku 7

Winter’s antaShimmeringbuse
Poetry intoxicates
The tears of my muse



© 2011 Michael Yost


Senryu One

Flower Mouth

Relish fantasy

Muse where images pulsate

Drawing off moisture

©2011 Michael Yost