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The Mysteries

It’s beyond my comprehension. I really don’t understand what you are trying to convey. I don’t doubt your ability to communicate; I’m beginning to doubt my mental capacity and or development. Surely you of all must understand, given your way of weaving words and abstracts.

I see others all around me falling into your cadence and your vestibules of verbiage; with me being left behind, the brass knocker in my hands, banging at the door of perception. Am I the child in front of the TV still questioning, “Who is the Kaiser and why is he in my Bugs Bunny cartoon”? The mysteries remain.

© 2010 Michael Yost 12/10

Bent Arrows

Nothing in this world sets their fate
With all my red arrows quivered
Noses turned away at the bait
Even when their love’s delivered

A mystery for sure turns heads
When arrows fade into the void
Even shooting a measured spread
Hit their hearts or become unemployed

When Cupid or Eros are called
I arrive to spread new love there
Some came early having hearts walled
Now coming into new frontiers

Brick by brick their hearts started to show
Not wasting time hitting their mates
I stayed a while watching love grow
Noses turned towards their fates

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/22