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Leads to your door

Are we truly given choices to pick?
Or are they different paths by themselves?
Oblivious to our wants, needs, and concerns
I think the latter, but blame them anyway

We only hear tales of what the paths bring
There is only so far we can see or imagine
What lays around the first bend in the path
One looks dark and dreary, the other white and bright

We agree the coin holds the answer and flip it
The coin choose the bright and white path to go
But I felt it was wrong and over ruled it
The dark and dreary I felt the worse was here

Knowing we could withstand it now up front
How much worse could it get down the path
We packed up and started to go forward
With one foot in front of the other we nervously laughed

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/1


There are many paths


*”There are many paths up the Mountain,
but the view of the moon from the top is the same.”

**Following the river seems the easiest at first,
Until the waterfalls only quenches your thirst.

Climbing the rocks the next easiest you decide;
But keeps pushing you back, because of the slides.

The thorny path looks like the hardest to pass;
Cutting all the thorns down you reach the top last.

You could have saved time measuring the feat
Sometimes what looks the hardest way up is
The easiest to complete.

© 2011 Michael Yost



*Ancient Japanese saying

**Adding my thoughts