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It Caresses The Tip

Rushes in on a musky sweet wave
Almost like flash flooding creates and behaves
The cool sensuous flesh soon fills the void
Shooting cold chills through her opening Freud
Pushing forward and up clamping shut
Just in time
Only to lose a couple drops of the sublime
Melon for you
Melon for me
Such aware company

© 2010 Michael Yost 11/24

The Face of War

From the peaks of areola mountains
And the lush vaginal valley’s depth
We cede to the wrist’s demanding time
The face fails to stop the sighs that leaped

Our face’s hands will not be interrupted
Only our memories coincide long
Drums closer and louder demands more
Cacophony won’t wash way our song
© 2012 Michael Yost 06/24