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The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lessor of Two Evils

Listen, her sobs shaking the tower
Slimy trolls are climbing towards her
Her mother-in-law left her to rot
Her elfin ears were burning red hot

She knew her mother-in-law was mad
She didn’t know why and it made her sad
The troll’s breath straightened her golden curls
Making her so sick it made her hurl

Trolls started melting and died from her puke
Far off she seen her husband the Duke
His mother started to run away
Knowing very well she’d have to pay

He called the Princess, let down your hair
When he reached the top, she was scared
He cut her hair and tied it secure
Had her follow him down staying demure

© 03/12 Michael Yost 2016

Most Times Not So


Some times it hurts, but most times not so
The archers waited stringing their bows
King James had his doubts but he had to know
Did her serf sneak into her bed or her dead beau

(C)2014 Michael Yost 10/23

Opening the Locks


I grabbed the three keys from the wizard’s sash
The locks in her hair opened with a flash
The minstrel’s mandolins picked up their part
So much so we began singing to start

The confusion caught many unaware
Leaving the groom to check his underwear
Smiles and the red glow of our faces
Slowed subjects down dancing through the paces

The wizard’s sash with keys could not be found
Searching for the princess we hear a sound
Wolf’s of great size could only make that howl
Echoing off cliffs no mistake it’s a growl

The wizard seemed anxious with a secret
He needed to share, silver locks are magic
To keep the princess from tasting first blood
That will cause her to start a bloody flood

We turned and joyfully played together
Moon set now to hide from the bellwethers
Next is the full moon and we’ll take what’s needed
Unfortunate the wizard should have heeded
© 2014 Michael Yost 06/09

Beauty Runs deep

Balcony or tower, she’s still not there.
Nowhere to be seen, under rocks, I dare?
Could the princess croak like the prince before?
How about sleeping, dammed forever more?

North, South, East and West, traveling the earth.
Why heaven does know, tell me if she’s birthed?
She’ll travel around, when you least expect.
Beauty hides deep, the least you accept

© 2011 Michael Yost

Maiden of the Mill

Maiden of the mill
Prods the oxen round the path
Song calms the beast’s wrath

Dreams do overwhelm
Being the Princess of the realm
No more the beast’s helm

Lost in a reverie
The oxen no longer pleased
Stopped and the mill seized

©2010-2011 Michael Yost