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Our Thoughts

Our time is right we need to wake up
Don’t put us in danger with your gossip
Our thoughts and mind need to be scrubbed clean
Biting our tongue in front of the Queen

She shared our break through eyes widening
Now a Knight of her court our glass ceiling
One or the other at her round table
The King is dead long live the Queen’s will

© 2015 Michael Yost 08/12

It’s On Tonight

Word whispered out, “It’s on tonight.”
Warriors rounded into one
Lightest armor and weapons chose
Into evening we would run

King and men flanked ridges around
Insuring foe’s defeat
Queen and court made ready for fight
Stockpiling bastions for retreat

Advancing slow on sleeping foes
Ice water soon to break
Projectiles at the ready
Balloons will abruptly awake

© 2011 Michael Yost

Silly I’m The Whaler

Clever, careful and crazy
This is the way poems should come forth
Why do we write; we’re lazy
Instead of navigating north

That’s right a poet and a thailor
Other times a pawn and Queen
Then I’m playing gin with my jailor
Copying lost people is what I mean

Over night things usually change
But from my hand to the jailor’s
Alibi means I’m not the blame
Get me my ship I’m the whaler
© 2014 Michael Yost 06/17


Dimples and desire were
The only things you needed
I had to recognize
And be the first that heeded

All the others were blind
When it came to your treasure
Your opened eyes reflected
What gems were your pleasure

The minstrels in your court
Thought their songs were attended
Then I heard her foot stop
And new musicians blended

The jester in your court
Recognized the silence
I failed to please the Queen
All laughed at my penance

© 2013 Michael Yost 04/24