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Relationships or Relations**t??

I’ve joined a dating website called “Christian Matchmaker” and this came to me and I wanted to share
I like to compare relationships to a jigsaw puzzle. Finding the corners first and then the straight edged to connect the corners. Sometimes the pieces are blue sky and it takes a little longer to piece them together. Others have enough definition to piece them together quickly.

Now you meet someone that at first glance seems to be a good candidate but then you learn that there’s a lot of blue sky . Now it’s harder to put the puzzle together because he or she is just frustrated and it’s complicated. Do you stay and take on the challenge and try to help put together the blue sky or do you walk away? The people that stay and who are willing to understand that it gives a better picture of the puzzle start to develop a new relationship. Others who don’t sometimes end up stepping into a relations**t (Poop).

Echoes of Life

The echoes, The echoes fade away
Like the sun, moon and the stars never stay
With relationships they seem to fade too
What’s a person going to do, to do

Louder I scream, stones underfoot stir
Causing my heart beat to echo for sure
Being close to the edge I back away
Stirring up more echoes some other day, day

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/06

It’s my Life

I used to care but finally gave it away.
The price was too high I no longer wanted to pay.
Earlier she took all the love I could share
But for day to day hoping it’s too much to bear

Out of their fold is the way they prefer
That’s fine with me it’s really up to her.
I have just been waiting for the right opportune
To right the relationship and it doesn’t look soon

She won’t let me right wrongs or apologize
I think I’ve done all to compromise
Wondering what if she changed her mind today
I don’t know I used to care but finally gave it away

© 2011 Michael Yost


Memories of our friendship never seem to change in time;
They can’t be taken too, by your new love, well because they’re mine.
You were with me a long time then and now gone longer still.
Your shadow may be gone never to be the same questions fill
You were the first to say so, so it must have been my blame.
The kind that bends your knees bows your back and shoulders the same.
Memories of our time together will never change given time.
That harvest can only be reaped by me, because they’re all mine.
Long walks in the park, and longer happy hours on the porch,
And I don’t think I can look at it any other way having already passed the torch.
It’s hard to remember any cross words we may have spoke
Just part of my memory that my heart was once broke.
Maybe the memories are too good to be true given the time;
That’s okay too, because I choose them, and all in all they are still just mine.

© Michael Yost  booguloo@live.com