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Inner Rhyme


Rhythm of the rails relaxing and rolling

Like the waves rocking the boat’s hull

Taking advantage of life it’s soothing

Passengers around me complain it’s dull


The conductor yells, “Syracuse next stop ”

Automatic memory grabbing luggage

Adrift again, floating at the station’s drop

From two rails to one to the end of my voyage


©2012 Michael Yost 09/08

Seaside Afternoon

Driftwood relaxes quietly on the high tide line
Ice plant forms a green carpet higher on the dunes
Purple and yellow centered flowers dot the carpet
With scrubby tufts of golden grass waving with the wind

Low tide still ebbing leaves a gray froth on the sand
As the rhythm of the waves expose tiny cockle shells
And the sea reflects the sun’s dancing diamonds
Almost blinding away the picture perfect afternoon

©2011 Michael Yost


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