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Wolves do Pant

Having gone past the words of no return,
I asked myself what I had learned.
Was it revenge because I was spurned?
Or that I was heard when it was my turn?

Either way I lost my chance
To be with her at my High School dance
To fight my way back to romance
Nope I won’t go there, I’ve taken a stance

© 2011 Michael Yost

You Know?

The cynical nature of romantic love
Truly an over emphasized emotion
Written everywhere by everyone
Whoever had loved and then lost

A cycle of ups and downs that
That is always carrying you
Past life with only one concern
Them and their happiness above your own

So we sacrifice beyond what we are able
Finally to the point where you are exhausted
Or you find a reciprocal soul giving back
Good luck with that

Then the romance is gone either way
But then you may find happiness
Unless you fall into the hole of
The cynical nature of romantic love

© 2011 Michael Yost

Old Scars

Cover these new wounds with the old scars that I bear
Knowing all along that the song was still a snare
The shame would be too much to show that I fell again
Even though the same song got the better of stronger men

I should be grateful I escaped from the siren’s trance
Knowing in my heart I was never fated for romance
I escaped from her grasp but later she still took me to my death
But I covered my new wounds with my old scars as I took my last breath

©2011 Michael Yost

I Offer This Branch

Was the change of heart was suddenly there?

Did it mean a thing, did you really care?

Did it fade slowly; when did it start so?

I know you don’t know, but watch I can grow.


It’s my fault not seeing, my work, and my  being.

My head is agreeing, my heart I’m burying.

Is there one more chance; please don’t take this stance?

Change heart to romance, I offer this branch.


© 2011 Michael Yost